jaegasm (jaegasm) wrote in jaexplicit,

Why hello there...

 Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gents),

This is your mod-goddess Izzy/ jaegasm  speaking here.
Now that I'm back on my turf (which Squintz has been keeping nice and warm for me with that skinny ass of hers *smacks*), you can expect great things.

Squintz/Sarah/jaeroticgasm should be lying on the ground, prostrated at my feet, thanking me for coming to save her skin, and now that I'm back, we are going to work on that list of requests she got from all you readers out there.
(we love you all, by the way, trufax)

That's right
I'm lending my writing skillz. Yesh.

And you can also look forward to....

All I can reveal for now, is that you're going to get the best f*cking O. T. 5. in your whole f*cking lives. Damn.

But for now, I'm suffering from jetlag, and Sarah's relatives are convinced I'm carrying the damn swine flu, which is completely not true, because my immune systems are rocking fantastic, and have in no way contracted it at all, so STFU.
I am squeaky-clean like a rubber ducky, okay?


Bye, smut-lovers and those that love to watch boybands suck c*ck.

I'm not going to cut this Sarah. Shut up.
(I love you)
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